Wasabi club members on race day

Paddles Up!

Looking for a fun, distinctly Portland team building and bonding exercise for your corporate group in Portland? Look no further. Let our team of world class paddlers, steers people and coaches take your group Dragon Boating on the Willamette River.   

Join us for an unparalleled experience in adventure and teamwork. Witness your own ripple effect – watch as your individual and combined efforts transform your team into a unified, productive force.


Paddlers, Are You Ready?

It’s impossible to get anywhere when everyone is paddling in a different direction. Effective teams excel when there’s a balance of commitment, teamwork, strong leadership and timing.  Your company’s experience with Wasabi Paddling Club will be an unforgettable team-building exercise that allows everyone to contribute, laugh and navigate shifting currents together.


We Have Alignment

What’s included?

Wasabi Paddling Club will provide your team with a dragon boat, instruction from experienced coaches and athletes, fitted personal floatation devices (PFDs) and paddles.  A typical event lasts two hours. Participants will be led through group exercises, learn dragon boat calls, etiquette and paddling technique, stroke basics, power and timing, drills and racing starts.

How many people fit on a Dragon Boat?

A full-size Dragon Boat has 10 benches and seats 2 people per bench. That’s 20 paddlers working together to move the boat! There is a caller in front and a steers person in back. So in total a Dragon Boat is staffed by 22 athletes.

Do I need Boating Experience?

No experience necessary.  Dragon Boating is suitable for all levels of age and fitness ability.  Participants should wear clothing as if going for a jog. This is a water sport, and participants should expect to get wet!

How much does it cost?

$500 for the first boat. This includes up to 14 paddlers from your team and 6 Wasabi paddlers.

$300 each additional boat.

We encourage at least 2 boats so that you can race against your teammates at the end of your session.



What Past Participants Are Saying

“Our group from Kaiser Permanente was looking for a new, fun, group activity that would incorporate employee engagement and team building - Wasabi was a great corporate event choice for us! Our team enjoyed learning all about Dragon Boat paddling from Cindy and the other fun and knowledgeable Wasabi team members as well as the opportunity to practice what we learned on the water. Not to mention nothing beats a nice sunny afternoon on the Willamette with a view of beautiful downtown Portland. We highly recommend Wasabi if you’re looking for a multi-beneficial group activity experience!” - Kaiser Permanente, 2018

“Wasabi Paddling Club put together a perfect team building activity for our staff.  They incorporated instruction on the culture of an ancient sport, with skill training that leveled the playing field of all participants.  This is an activity that is truly for all abilities. Our staff walked away as a true team willing to work together for a common goal.”

“I was a brand new hire and did not know anyone when we started our paddling adventure.  After receiving some instruction, we hit the water eager to practice. We had so much fun working together and I truly felt like I was part of a team.”


Let It Run

Our Mission

Founded in 1993, Wasabi Paddling Club is Portland’s largest paddling club.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the participation in, and promotion of, the national and international amateur sports of Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe racing.

Tell us more about your team and when you want to come play on the river with us!

Women’s Program win gold at Portland Dragon Boat Festival 2018

Grand Masters holding off the competition

SOAR paddling to gold at the Kent Cornucopia Days Dragon Boat Festival

Kraken splashing into the finish line

Burn racing at Portland Dragon Boat Festival 2017

VIP taking on the competition

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