Frequently Asked Questions

New and Guest Membership

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How can I arrange a Guest Paddle?

We love guests!  Follow this link to send us an email.  A Club representative will contact you to set up up to 3 free paddles.

Do I need my own equipment (paddle, life vest) to participate?

No.  The Club owns a number of loaner paddles of various lengths you may use and a life vests in various sizes.  If you choose to become a member, likely you will wish to purchase your own blade and life vest to have as your own.

I can't swim, can I still participate?

Yes!  Please let us know so that the coach and steers person are aware of this for safety.  As a participant in any of our boats, you are required to wear a properly fit Coast Guard approved life vest.

How often do the teams practice?

Most teams/crews practice 2-3 times a week.  During the winter months, some teams take time off over the winter Holidays.  All teams have reserved practice times at least one evening during the week and one daytime session during the weekend.

How long is a team practice?

Most teams have 1 hour weeknight practices and may have up to 1-1/2 hour sessions on the weekends.  Outrigger crews may request longer training sessions if they are training for a race event.

Do the teams/crews practice all year?

Mostly, yes!  Our teams practice nearly year around as the weather and water conditions allow. 

The TideRunner dragon boat team takes the winter months off due to the weather conditions at the Coast.  Our other teams/crews in Portland typically take time off from on-water around the Winter Holiday season and resume with on-water practices in early February/March.

Wasabi, Portland

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Where are the Club Boats located?

The vast majority of our Club assets are located on the inside of the North Breakwater Dock near the Riverplace Marina. 

In the summer we may have up to 5 dragon boats and up to 4 6-person outrigger canoes moored together at this location.  During the winter, some boats are cycled to dry land for routine maintenance.

The Club additionally owns an ultimate 6-person outrigger canoe (the Vortex) and a small fleet of OC1s.

Where do the teams meet?

Most teams assemble 'at the flagpole' near the Riverplace Hotel, at the top of the ramp leading down to the North Breakwater.


There is street and parking garages within the vicinity of the North Breakwater.  Some garages offer discounted parking for paddlers.

Members are not recommended to leave personal items in their vehicle during practices.

Storage of personal items while practicing

The Club has dock lockers for personal items like car keys and phones for the members to use while at practice.  

Many members choose to keep personal items in water proof bags in the boat.

The Club is not responsible for lost, stolen or water damaged items.



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What does it mean to snap-in?

Members of the Club use TeamSNAP for email and chat communication, scheduling, and for registration and payments.  

Members RSVP (aka snap-in) for practices, races and other activities using the desktop or mobile app.  This is a how the team staff can seat boats and plan events.

How do I get on TeamSNAP

When you register with Wasabi Paddling Club, you are asked for a primary team and given the opportunity to cross-roster to as many dragon boat and/or outrigger teams in the Club as you wish.  When you register, you are automatically added to the TeamSNAP rosters for those teams/crews.