Request for Dues Waiver or Reduction

The Wasabi Board of Directors has adopted a policy where the team Coach can request the Club waive or reduce the annual membership fees for a member of that team.  Each requst will be reviewed by the member's Coach and by the Board.

Dues waivers or reductions are valid only for the year in which they are granted.

Please complete the following form including as much information you are comfortable to convey your request to the Board.  Once your request has been submittted, your Coach will be emailed and the request will be sent to the Board for vote.  Prior to submitting this request, it is recommended you have a brief conversation with your primary team Coach to discuss your situation.


Instructions for the Application Form:

  • Click the button below:  If you are not already logged into teamSNAP you will be prompted to enter your login and your personal password.On the Manage Signups page, select +New Signup


  • Step 1 - Select your profile from the pick-list then click Register Participant


  • Step 2 - Update your personal information, outlining a reason for your waiver or dues reduction request.

Do NOT re-click the large blue or green buttons - go to the bottom of the screen and click Save and Continue

You will not be asked to make a dues payment with this form.  It is an application. 

The request will be sent to our Club Secretary, who will forward it to your Primary team Coach for approval.  Following Coach approval, the request is voted upon by the Board for final decision.




1).  Goto the wasabi website - you cannot register thru TeamSNAP directly

2).  Select the  Registration and Payment   tab

3) Follow the registration process using the  Waived Membership button option at the bottom of the page.  For the fee amount enter what you propose for your waiver or reduction amount.