Member Instructions

Step 1.

Locate your name from the lists, then click the corresponding OPTION button to continue.

Step 2.

After entering your personal information on the following page do NOT reselect Add Existing Participant or Add New Participant as idicated in the adjacent screen shot (SNAP problem); instead, select the Save & Continue button at the bottom right of the page.

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If your name is listed under a different option than you expected, please contact your team Manager before continuing the payment process.

Note:  your selection is based upon your TeamSNAP login.  If you are paying for a supporter (spouse, partner, family member etc.) or for another paddler, choose the button option which corresponds to that person's name.  You will be prompted for that person's name in the payment process.

If you are making payments for persons other than yourself, you will need to complete this process as separate transactions.

Step 3.

Check each of the required fee payments to aknowlege the amounts then Save & Continue

Step 4.

Select your payment option then Confirm Payment or Continue Checkout

Note "All registration fee items include International Transfer fees and taxes" 

Club Crew World - Hungry, 2018

Paddler List:

Crystal Chen
Kirsten Day
Sue Fenger
Charlotte Finn
Carol H
Cindy Hickman
Lisa Hillhouse
Amanda K
Angie K
Jaque Martin
Jill Metz
Christine P
Marcia Powell
Kat Sherman
Carolyn Stewart
Lisa Stewart
Karen Stolzberg
Diana Stuart
Rene Swar
Patti Tohl
Ann V
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Supporter List:

Bill Burge
Norina DeMello
Barry Lavine
Anthony Mello
Chance Swar
Tim Upshaw

Paddler List:

Janet A
Nicole Burdette
Vassar Byrd
Jen C
Alexis Champagne
Leslie Crandell
Kathy Criswell
Anne Denys
Connie F
Nicole Forsi
Heidi H
Nicole Jak
Hansen Janette
Willa Johann
Kate K
Cindy Kolomechuk
Mindy L
Janet Lamson
Lori Laws
JoEllen Marshall
Marsha McGary
Mary Lee Nichols
Ingrid Olson
Alex Page
Kathy Pahlke
Kristin Pfandler
Shannon Poole
Linda Powell
Linda Preisz
Michelle R
Austyn Steelman
Karen Strand
Nancy T
Bren T
Luahna Ude
Kim W
Allie Wellman
Barb Wells
Jen Wilken
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Supporter List:

Julie Sala