Registration Instructions

You will be redirected to TeamSNAP the mobile and web service app we use to manage our teams.  Thru SNAP, we keep track of rosters, schedules, member availability and payments. If you are not a returning member to our Club, you will need to first create a profile as a part of the registration process with a personal password.  If you forgot your password TeamSNAP offers a 'I forgot my password' reset on the login screen.

You can bookmark the TeamSNAP site on your personal device and download the free app for your mobile device.  Once you have a profile you will use SNAP to interact with your team for important messages and to RSVP to practices and events.


1)  On the SNAP Welcome page, you will be asked to create a TeamSnap account or enter your login info Click ⇒ Sign Up or login with your personal password to continue


2)  On the Manage Signups page, click +New Signup 


3)  If you already have a TeamSNAP account, a listing of the teams you previously registered may appear.  Select the profile that best represents your primary team (this may import some of your previous profile so you don't need to re-type all fields).  Click Register Participant.  If you do not have a previous profile click Create New Participant.  Your personal information screen will be blank.


4)  Enter your Participant Information


Do NOT click these buttons at the end of the participant information screen.  They are for registering multiple persons to a single registration.  Go to the bottom, of the screen click ⇒Save and Continue to move to next screen





5)  After completing your registration information you will be asked to read and sign the Wasabi Club Waiver and Code of Conduct.  Your parent or legal guardian will be required to initial the Wasabi Waiver for persons under the age of 18

6) You will then be directed to the payment portion of the registration process.  

Start the 2020 registration process by clicking the button below 

SPECIALTY TEAM REGISTRATION - Paddler under the age of 23

$100 per year or seasonal rates -$25 Spring, $50 Summer, $25 Fall.

Intended for these paddlers:

  • team Kraken
  • Paddlers under the age of 23 participating on other teams with Wasabi