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Anytime paddlers venture on to the water they take on a heightened element of risk. Even though everyone is required to sign a waiver acknowledging that risk, our responsibility as a club does not stop there.

We strive to provide our members with the safest experience we possibly can without adversely limiting the experience itself.

To meet the obligation of providing a safe experience Wasabi Paddling Club has developed Steering and Safety manuals for both Dragon Boats and Outrigger Canoes. These manuals are available on this page for review or download.

We also have an incident report to be filled out anytime an incident needs to be reported and committed to a written record of what occurred and any steps taken afterward. The downloadable report template is attached on this page below.

Recognizing that medical emergencies may occur on the water and far from shore Wasabi has developed a video to demonstrate the on-the-boat CPR procedure. This procedure is drilled with all Wasabi crews twice a year. To view the video click on this link

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of others. Wasabi Paddling Club thanks the following for their assistance in developing the manuals and CPR video:

Outrigger Canoe Manual – Steve West author of “The Art and Skill of Steering” and “The Paddlers Guide to Outrigger Paddling.”  Visit Steve’s website to learn more at

Dragon Boat Manual – Dr. Howard Chen and the Southern California Dragon Boat Club

On-Boat CPR Procedure – Connie Flesuras 

Huli Certification:

The attached file (Huli Good thru 2015.docx) is a list of those that are huli certified. Updates will be made regularly.



Fremont Bridge Weather Link:

This link provides updates every 10 to 20 minutes of the air temperature, wind chill, wind direction and wind speed information. It is useful to be able to check data such as wind chill before going out.

Link to Stream Velocity, Discharge and other Data:

This link is very helpful as it provides many different river measurements.

Steering Certification (Dragon Boat and OC):

Each of the Wasabi Certified Steerspeople have passed an on water test, an oral exam and obtained their Orgeon Boater Education Card. The certification program is overseen by the club's safety officer. The basic requirements and training are contained in the Club's Steering and Safety Manual and the club's Outrigger Steering Safety Manual, both available as an attachments on this page.

The followng is a list of the individuals that are delegated to adminster the certification tests in each category followed by a list of the certified steerspeople.

DB Certifiers:

Janet Aldana
Corky Lai
Cindy Hickman
Mary Gallagher
Larry LaMarsh
Connie Cavagnaro

DB Certified Steerspeople (in addition to those listed above):

Cindy Hickman           Tim Boot
Gary Brown                Mark Hickman
Maureen Brown         Jack Fischer
Sue Fischer                James Dunbar 
Jessica Greenberg      Fran Halpin
Randy Nolan               Sandy Hickey
Carol Hoekstra            Gabe Zee
Corky Lai                     Lori Laws
Connie Cavagnaro       Marjie Neilson
Jean Quinsey               Luahna Ude                 
Connie Flesuras            Shaunnah Ujakovich
Sarah Zwissler              Chis Burckhart
Vanessa Lee                 Ken Polnicky
Austin Huynh                Adam Sinnett
Mark Rivas                    Steve Phillips                 
Craig McLaren               Addison Houck
Charlie Cowan               Dillon Osleger

OC 6 Certifiers:

Nancy Butler                Corky Lai
Jean Quinsey               Connie Flesuras
Chris Burkhart              Connie Cavagnaro

Huli Test may be conducted by:

Board Member
Head Coach
Cary Morris
Lori Laws

Small Boat Clinic Instructor:

Cary Morris           Carol Hoekstra
Lori Laws              Pat Ivie
Kate Kauffman      Jean Quinsey
Bren Trask             Corky Lai
Suzi Cloutier

Certified OC Steerspersons: 

Jean Quinsey            Nancy Butler             Adam Sinnott
Chris Burkhart           Gary Brown              Cindy Hickman               
Maureen Brown         Luahana Ude            Susan Long
Larry LaMarsh           Corky Lai                  Janet Aldana                   
Connie Cavagnaro    Lynn Davis                 
Rhonda Bintliff           Suzi Cloutier
Aimee Edwards         Connie Flesuras
Lisa Hillhouse            Carol Hoekstra
Lori Laws                   Asia Young                                     
Bill Pospisil                 Bill Doubleday

Certified Chase Boat Operators:

Jack Fischer               Larry LaMarsh                Susan Long
Chris Burkhart            Corky Lai                        SaTina Smith
Jean Quinsey             Connie Flesuras              Bill Burgel          
Connie Cavagnaro      Cindy Hickman              Sally Snyder
Janet Aldana               Ralph Quinsey         
Kaspar Murer               Ratchanee Ujakovich