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February 27, 2015 4:00PM | Wasabi Paddling Club about 2 years ago

Thanks to everyone who stopped by Title Nine last night for the Women's Program Fundraiser. A couple of things coming up so mark those calendars. The Shamrock Run will be taking over Portland on Sunday, March 15, so consider cheering on your fellow Wasabians. And...

SOAR will have a booth at the upcoming Women's Expo on Saturday, March 21. The expo is FULL of great stuff, and now that includes SOAR! Check out more about the event.

The Portland Women's Expo Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that fundraises every year with The Portland Women's Walk and The Portland Women's Expo. Funds go toward building a resource center for women while assisting them to regain their footing in the society.

February 24, 2015 2:01AM | Wasabi Paddling Club about 2 years ago

THE WASABI WOMEN'S PROGRAM is ramping up and getting more time on the water. Here;s your chance to be part of thr program's first fundraiser. THIS coming Thursday at Title Nine! Shop, eat, chat and have some fun. See you there.

February 19, 2015 11:01PM | Wasabi Paddling Club about 2 years ago

February 19, 2015 4:00PM | Wasabi Paddling Club about 2 years ago

JOIN US on Thursday, February 26 for a fundraiser for the Wasabi Women's Program! Read more about it here!

February 09, 2015 4:01AM | Wasabi Paddling Club about 2 years ago

Mark your calendars! Wasabi's Team SOAR will have a booth at the Women's Expo on March 12, 2015. The Expo has a ton of great exhibitors and SOAR will be one of them. Stop on by and support our amazing team mates and spread the word about the awesome world of paddling. #ittakesavillage

Portland Womens Expo
One day, and over 400 exhibitors, all for your enjoyment! We spend the year rounding up our favorite new products and services to make sure that our guests and their families will get to enjoy the best local showcase that Portland, Oregon can offer. From world class food, wine, to amazing live music…

February 04, 2015 7:01PM | Wasabi Paddling Club about 2 years ago

There are so many cool ways to paddle and here's another one. Travel to Florida this Spring for a 20-person camp that will run in tandem with the Team USA Premier Women's training camp. You will paddle alongside Team USA hopefuls! Interested? Read more here.

First ever USA Dragon Boat Camp

February 01, 2015 3:01AM | Wasabi Paddling Club about 2 years ago

Thanks to EVERYONE who stepped up to clean boats on this beautiful day. These boats belong to all of us and it's awesome to see the Club working to make them sparkling clean. #ittakesavillage

Boat Cleaning Jan 31, 2015
Thanks to EVERYONE who stepped up to clean boats on this beautiful day. These boats belong to all of us and it's awesome to see the Club working to make them sparkling clean. #ittakesavillage

January 31, 2015 12:01AM | Wasabi Paddling Club about 2 years ago

Hello Paddlers and other Willamette Lovers!!

The city is collecting public statements regarding the derelict boats and camps along the Willamette. If you would like to add your voice, Below are instructions and email addresses. This is time sensitive so speak now. Please spread to all the river users in your networks! Cheers! - Kate (Kai Ikaika)


Hey all,

Still need more letters to go out to city and county officials in regard to budgeting to address the Transient Boat issues. There is a sample letter below. You may use it as is, modify it as noted, or send one of your own. Some monies have been allocated, (thanks to all who have written in), but more is needed.

Once you've tidied up your letter, email it to the addresses listed below. Subject line should be Transient Boat Issues.

Please pass this on to your groups, your friends, your family, anyone who is ready to see some action taken on this issue.


Subject: Transient Boat Issues

Dear City and County Officials,
I am writing in regard to the Transient Boat Task Force that has been assembled to address the derelict boat problem and lawlessness issues of some of the live aboard community in Portland and throughout the state.

(Optional to Insert personal experience here. Note what you do on the water - paddler, fisherman, boater and what you have seen in terms of behavior, distressed boats, junk, safety concerns. )
Parks Security and River Patrol, both part of the Task Force, have put in numerous hours to come up with an executable plan for dealing with the crime and the derelict vessels . I support the efforts and hard work of the Parks Rangers and the River Patrol and would like to see city and county officials do the same.

I understand that some monies have been made available to help deal with this issue. I am asking you, an elected official, to allocate additional funding and/or personnel in the upcoming budget to aid the efforts of Parks Security and River Patrol and to set new policies and/or support legislation which would prevent the issues from continuing. There is much work to be done to keep this ever expanding problem in check and the work cannot be done without additional personnel, funding and/or equipment and new policies.

It is important to me, as a citizen, that priority be given to keeping our rivers, docks and waterfront safe and free from lawlessness. Live aboard boaters should be made to follow the same rules as the rest of the boating public.

Please respond and let me know what you will do to support Parks Security and River Patrol in the upcoming budgets.
Thank you.
(Sign your name here, include any affiliations you think are important - paddling club, boating group, etc.)


January 31, 2015 12:01AM | Wasabi Paddling Club about 2 years ago


The Willamette River plays a significant role in the West Quadrant Plan going before City Council next week. In fact, one of the key recommendations the Planning and Sustainability Commission forwarded to Council members is to create a healthy and vibrant 21st-century waterfront. The West Quadrant Plan includes specific policies and actions identified to reach this goal.

Portlanders are invited to share their thoughts with City Council at a public hearing on Wednesday, February 4.

Hearing on West Quadrant Plan Recommended Draft
Public Testimony Welcome
Feb. 4, 2015, 2 p.m.
Portland City Council
Council Chambers (City Hall, 2nd Floor)
1221 SW 4th Avenue

How To Give Testimony
You can share your feedback on the plan with City Council in several ways:
Testify in person at the hearing (see details above)
Submit written testimony
Portland City Council
1221 SW Fourth Avenue, Room 140
Portland, OR 97204
Attn: Council Clerk
FAX or Email comments to 503-823-4571 or Karla.Moore-Love@portlandoregon.gov.

About the West Quadrant Plan
The West Quadrant Plan will provide detailed planning for Central City areas on the west side of the Willamette River. This effort is part of the broader Central City 2035 project to update the 1988 Central City Plan. The plan includes Central City-wide and west side neighborhood policies and actions that seek to improve and enhance public access and activities to, along and in the river while creating and enhancing habitat at specific locations.
For more information, please visit www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/cc2035/westquad.

About the River Plan
The River Plan is a comprehensive, multi-objective plan for the land along the Willamette River. It is an update of the 1987 Willamette Greenway Plan, Greenway Overlay Zones and Code and Greenway Design Guidelines. The River Plan will be developed by “reach” of the Willamette River: North Reach, Central Reach and South Reach. Currently, planning staff is engaged in updating the Central Reach as part of the Central City 2035 Plan (CC2035).

About the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
The Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) develops creative and practical solutions to enhance Portland’s livability, preserve distinctive places and plan for a resilient future. BPS collaborates with community partners to provide comprehensive land use, neighborhood, district, economic, historic and environmental planning, and urban design; research, policy and technical services to advance green building, energy efficiency and the use of solar and renewable energy, waste prevention, composting and recycling, and a sustainable food system; and, policy and actions to address climate change.

West Quadrant | The City of Portland, Oregon
Providing land use, economic, historic and environmental planning and urban design; and advancing energy efficiency, green building, recycling, composting, solar, renewable energy and sustainable food.

January 26, 2015 10:01PM | Wasabi Paddling Club about 2 years ago

Register for Wasabi's Shamrock Run Team #1165 by this coming Saturday and join us for some fun! #ittakesavillage

Shamrock Run :: Home
Celebrate the beginning of running season with the Shamrock Run Portland.